Rape is a very sensitive issue and shouldn’t be handled with frivolity because having your innocence stripped from you is horrifying and scary. So now what do we do when a victim voice out? victim who tear up pages of the past to unveil her/his scare, victims who fight inner battles of depression, victims who fight the feeling of shame and low self-esteem, victims filled with hate against themselves and humanity! Tell me why do we go about bashing them, like it’s their fault, I tell you this, a rape victim never had an option because “no” was never an option, it is either ‘’yes’’ or ‘’ yes’’.
What about incest rape, the painful part of this rape case is that, the one who is supposed to protect and keep the child safe from hurt is same person brutally molesting, violating and stealing the sweet virtues of the child. Such wickedness, it happens often but it is rarely spoken about by victims due to the fear and shame associated to such confession. Now who can a child trust? When their trust is being betrayed by their parent, siblings or close relative.
Rape in general is an evil which should not be tolerated by the society. Victims should be encouraged to speak out, tell their stories and get the help and justice they deserve. Victims should be loved and cared for, they should be constantly reminded that the painful incident doesn’t define who they are.
Like a popular saying goes “in order to cure a disease you must treat it root. Rape has a lot of implications to the victim and I will talk a little on abortion, our society is against abortion, but you wouldn’t totally blame or judge a rape victim who opt for such as a way of healing and cleansing herself from all which was deposited in her by the rapist. Unsafe Abortion have claim the lives of so many young girls who are only trying to survive. In order to reduce/stop the rate of unsafe abortion in the society where abortion is legally restricted, I think the issue of rape must be tackled.
And we should always remember that we make up the society and in every comment we make when a sensitive topic like a rape is being discussed we either help victims speak up or promote rapists to continue the act, which ever we choose to do we shouldn’t forget we have children, sisters friends, wives, brothers and ourselves.

Author: rahimatSuleiman


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