Share your thought please. Should people stick to relationship and marriage even if they are not happy anymore. What do you think about seperation


Author: rahimasuleiman

my name is rahima, a theatre and performing arts graduate and I love to write..lol

8 thoughts on “Opinion”

  1. I think that if you’re not happy with each other, you should separate, but in a civil way. If you have children you need to consider them. Consider the whole family too.

    Find someone who makes you happy, but don’t make your ex feel horrible.

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  2. IMHO, I believe you should find out WHY you’re not happy. Maybe discussing it with your mate will lead to a positive resolution and a more fulfilling marriage.

    If that can’t or won’t happen, and amiable divorce is best. Staying together leads to bitterness and could negatively impact any children and their view of marriage.

    I do NOT believe in marriage for the sake of marriage. I do agree that it is a sacred union, but only as long as the TWO people involved see it and value it as such. No one else’s opinion matters.

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  3. This is a difficult one to respond too. Courtship should be the precursor to marriage. During this time many questions and answers become very clear but do we look at them or shrug them off as “I can live with that”. But should the dating period not make those questions come up and then you get married the situation changes significantly. Marriage in my eyes is about commitment which is very different from feelings. Commitment doesn’t change, feelings do. If you loved each other enough to get married after a period of courtship then stick it out. It ain’t easy but then again anything worthwhile in life ain’t easy. Relationships are work but to us, they are worth every signal minute of hardship. Then again there are many, many caveats to my thoughts not knowing the whole.

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      1. This a topic so real, so significant and one that my heart feels deeply for. Physical and emotional abuse are never acceptable behaviors. Boundaries must be established immediately. If abuse of this nature is occurring by all means you must protect yourself by removing yourself from the situation. As for divorce, much must be considered very carefully. From the first occurrence the boundry must be set with “if it occurs again” I will need to remove myself from your presence. The mate now has been given the boundry. If it occurs a 2nd time, leave. After you are out of the situation contact the mate and let him know that you had made it clear the first time that it would not be tolerated. Then advise the mate that before you can return the person must seek help. If the person does not or will not seek help the answer to your question is clear. Violence in ANY relationship must not to be tolerated.


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