happy women’s day

​It’s women’s day, I am not writing to tell women how special and important they are in the society nor writing to tell men who abuse and violate women to stop such act. I am writing today to appreciate a special and brave kind of women “THE SINGLE MOTHERS”. Yes they are the strongest and bravest of women. Some of them were abandoned by the so-called “HE” responsible for the “DEED” , so many insults from family, friends and foes alike yet they were brave enough to say “yes I did this and I am taking responsibility”. How many of us can walk in shame? how many of us can face such stigma? How many of us can be this brave? Few or maybe none we care so much about what the world would say, our family, our friends in fact what our enemies would say then we CORRECT A MISTAKEWITH YET ANOTHER MISTAKE . To all the single mothers I respect and adore your strength and I pray those children you gave your all to will make you proud and happy. Muchlove happy women’s day.


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​The beauty of being in the medical line goes beyond the financial benefits as most people think, the satisfaction of seeing an anxious person get calm, a teary eye dry up, a hot body cool down because of what you did, the beauty of a delivery, the transformation in dying and death, more like being Angels on earth, when you practice sincerely with the fear of God, the reward is beyond salary and allowances… You are all appreciated…..follow me on instagram @rahymasuleiman

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​Yes she watched all d pains, beating and abuses her mother suffered in d hands of her father. Growing up as a child she made a promise never to be treated like that. Along the line her story and promise took a new turn. Her behaviour, ideology, unmannered characters n choice of words on a man she sincerely love, made her lived a lonely life.. People call her the radical feminist but i call her The Defensive…# THE DEFENSIVE COMING TO YOU SOON.. FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW 

how true is feminism

​You call yourself a feminist yet u watch your fellow women suffer, you call yourself a feminist yet you traffic little girls for money, you call yourself a feminist yet you abuse little girls who work for you all in the name of having a MAID , you do same with old women then call them NANNIES. You call yourself a feminist yet u jealous and hate the progress of your fellow women.. You are nothing but a confuse Being who don’t know her responsibilities but I AM just wondering how true is feminism?